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Surviving Life

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Surviving Life: Contemplations Of The Soul, is a unique and powerful book full of compassion and empathy, which combines the issues of what hurts us the most, with the thoughts and advice meant to empower us toward happiness and independence. Surviving Life is medicine for the soul.  It guides us through our deepest pains and weaknesses, and leads us to a place of self-empowerment, inspiration, strength, and hope. The topics covered are raw, diverse, and very practical.  


Surviving Life includes many subjects, and answers many questions, such as , "What is your purpose on this planet," "When you think nobody loves you," "How can you feel good," as well as practical advice on battling depression, suicide, and figuring out who you truly are.  Surviving Life is a practical and contemplative manual for people of all ages, and the perfect book for gifting to those who need guidance and love. Surviving Life is about HOPE, and how to find it and keep it.


Chapter 1, Read This First
Chapter 2, When You Think Nobody Loves You
Chapter 3, What Is Your Purpose On This Planet?
Chapter 4, How Can You Feel Good?
Chapter 5, Finding Joy
Chapter 6, Journey Over Destination
Chapter 7, Living A Meaningful Life
Chapter 8, When The World Is Crumbling Around You
Chapter 9, When They Are Disappointed In You
Chapter 10, Me, Myself, And I
Chapter 11, Soul Family
Chapter 12, When Others Reject You
Chapter 13, The Heart Aches
Chapter 14, Why Are So Many People Mean?
Chapter 15, If I Saw You Sitting On A Park Bench
Chapter 16, The Hand From The Other Realm
Chapter 17, Suicide
Chapter 18, Battling Depression
Chapter 19, Structured Task-Driven Lifestyle
Chapter 20, Sun Shine So Bright
Chapter 21, Who Are You?
Chapter 22, Who Should You Listen To?
Chapter 23, What To Do When Nothing Else Works
Chapter 24, If I Sat Here Near Death
Chapter 25, Your Spirit Must Endure
Chapter 26, Hope


What Readers Are Saying...

"Enjoyed this book. Brian did a great job helping us through some of the difficulties in life with a twist, he added his personality into his writing, which made the book very enjoyable to read. A great self help book - I highly recommend."


"A raw, honest book that tackles our basic human struggles."

"Brian Hunter does not put any gloss on his pragmatic approach to life. 

He offers useful guidance and wisdom and is not afraid to dig in the dirt."

"This will doubtless become your go-to manual whenever you feel bleak or stuck. More than that this book is INSPIRATIONAL. "


 "Prepare to be inspired as your hope in life renews itself."

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