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Rising To Greatness

Rising To Greatness is a highly powerful and dynamic book that guides you through your very own process of transformation. Rising To Greatness is essential reading for those wanting a second chance at life, re-booting their life, or recovering from traumas and setbacks. Currently happy and successful people will find many nuggets of use to improve their life, relationships, and success.  


The book is for people of all ages and is considered an owner's manual for all humans. Through this book, Brian Hunter personally walks you through YOUR process of transformation in a detailed step-by-step manner.  The process begins with helping you clear out the garbage and debris holding you back and keeping you in pain.  Then you move onto designing the new person you wish to become. Chapter by chapter, you will learn all the life skills required to become a greater and more amazing person, and a true Jedi.  

Topics include:

Eliminating fear from your life
Living with Love
Mastering your emotions
Motivation & Discipline
Learn to believe in yourself
Becoming a master communicator and negotiator
Dealing with toxic & abusive people
Decision-making and problem solving
Finding & seizing opportunities in life
Plus many other skills and topics 

Upon completion of the book, you will be a far more skilled and empowered person.  

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What Readers Are Saying...

"This book is so well written Brian Hunter did a great job taking us on the journey to improving our life . It’s easy to follow and understand as we take his hand to live our best life."

"What a fabulous self help book life changing I loved this book. It had many chapters covering life's challenges and guides you to each point a long the way."

"This book is a truly amazing read. It has changed my way of living my life

and given me so much more focus, so much so I would give it 10+ stars if I could."

"This book is smart and written with kindness and authenticity...."

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