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Heal Me 

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Heal Me is a powerful and touching book that will pull at your heartstrings, give you practical advice on overcoming a variety of life traumas, and will put you on the road to recovery and healing. Heal Me is a book for everyone because it includes many of the most common sources of trauma, including the death of a loved one, suicide, depression, failure, addiction, life mistakes, broken relationships, toxic people, sexual assault, abuse, self-esteem issues, loss of a pet, and a variety of other topics.  


Each chapter discusses different aspects of these traumas, how they make us feel, and how they affect our lives. Heal Me then gives the reader practical solutions on how to cope and heal from such traumas.  There are also chapters on practical life tools for those in recovery or coping with trauma, in addition to a special chapter on living your life with love and empathy.  


Heal Me is written in an easy to understand and loving way with a pragmatic approach. Heal Me is the perfect healing, self-care, and trauma recovery book for anyone of any age. Heal Me is a book you can gift to yourself, family, young people, and friends, as a gesture of love, support, and hope.

What Readers Are Saying...

“I enjoyed the book so much I bought one for 6 people in my family….

This is powerful stuff put together in a way that just works.”

"'I feel AMAZING HEALING ENERGY! . . Highly recommended!

Thank you, Brian. Thank you so much."

"Brian does an great job of itemizing life's major hurdles

and giving you a step by step guide to jumping them.

Way to go, Brian! You do a nice job getting the wheels back on the tracks!"

"This book is a perfect life manual.

Each chapter discusses life hurdles and how to overcome them."

"I like this book very much. It talks about grief, depression, isolation, etc.
I found it very helpful during my grieving period."

"A very detailed book on a lot of aspects in our daily lives.

I would recommend to anyone suffering from mental health anxiety stress found the book very positive and helpful for my own issues."

"An absolutely amazing book - changed my life!"

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