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EVOLVE is a unique revolutionary book that helps you deal with pain and what’s broken, and then guides you through change and a process of evolution, by developing new ways of thinking, skills, traits, and abilities that will help you become an advanced, happy, powerful, and successful person you want to be.


EVOLVE is a book that will truly change your life, and you will never view your reality in the same way again. EVOLVE is a powerful and practical personal transformation self-help improvement book, which examines life and all of its issues from a unique futuristic approach.


EVOLVE provides in-depth, cutting-edge, and useful perspective, advice, and solutions on a huge range of topics. A selection of topics include: healing from personal losses and traumas, coping with sadness and depression, moving past fear that others use to control, manipulate, and abuse you, as well as clarity in thinking, advanced communication and reasoning skills, evolving your relationships, exploring the meaning of life, how everything in the Universe is connected to you, developing advanced special abilities such as psychic abilities, and a little discussion about aliens possibly living among us. Yes, there is everything, which is all directly tied back to your own personal life. 

EVOLVE is written in an easy, informal, personal, and humorous style that delivers honest useful advice and perspectives that are free from political, religious, or spiritual agendas.  This is a book for everyone of all ages, regardless of social, political, or cultural background.  This is the book that will change your life and can change the world.

What Readers Are Saying...

"This book Is amazing I felt so empowered reading it.  Easy to follow and well written. it has the ability to change your life . "

"The chapter on Aliens is a favorite.. Fascinating. Love the book highly
recommend it . Evolve .. .One I’m not likely to forget !"

"I Have Read This Book It’s Absolutely Amazing.. "

"I Honestly Have Never Read A Book Like This !"

"It Has The Power To Change Your Life !"

"He Also Talks About Aliens ."

"Humans and The Meaning of Life .

My Goodness This Book Tho !!!"

"Relationships Was A Favorite Chapter among others.

Luv The Book."

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