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Living A Meaningful Life
Book Series

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Begin an amazing journey that will touch the most inner depths of your soul.  Become a part of this family.  Feel their love, and be inspired by how they overcome life challenges and traumas; all while still living their lives with integrity, decency, respect, loyalty, and love. The Living A Meaningful Life book series is a “family saga” series, narrated by the author. The journey follows the main character through his childhood, all the way into later adulthood. It spans multiple generations, includes extended family members, and also follows each of them from childhood into later adulthood. We witness the birth of several epic characters, and watch them grow up into iconic adult characters.


 This is a highly dramatic and emotional series, with consistent humor built in. The main premise involves a very unlikely lonely boy, who through a series of random events, rises to power in unimaginable ways. A family dynasty is born, and this family changes countless lives through their acts of generosity. The characters are constantly tested by every-day obstacles, problems, mistakes, and losses which we all face in our own lives.  We watch as the characters handle these challenges in the best possible ways.  We learn and become inspired to introduce some of these ways of thinking and techniques into our own lives. This is not just a book series for idle amusement.  This is a book series that can change your life in dramatic and profound ways.  The series is neutral on religion and politics.  


This is a series for everyone of all beliefs, and is not used to push any particular agenda or belief. The only values heavily promoted are those of integrity, decency, and compassion.  The phrase, “doing the right thing,” is often used.  Independent thinking is promoted.  The main themes of the series include: mentoring between adults and children of all ages, father/son, grandfather/granddaughter, coming of age, ethical behavior, creating your own “soul family,” grieving losses, loving each other, supporting those in need, achieving great personal success, and making incredible dreams come true. 


The long arc of storylines covers many different genres, including: Family Saga, Coming of Age,  Young Adult Drama, Adventure, Family Drama, Business Drama, Political Drama, Mystery/Thriller, Rural/Small Town, Dynasty, Feel-Good, High School Drama, Bullying, Suicide, Autism, Adoption, Illness, Loss/Grieving, Musical Prodigy, Psychological Drama, Romance, Comedy, and countless others.  But with all of that said, this series is primarily a - 


“Comedic Family Drama Feel-Good Saga.”  


The series puts you back in touch with your childhood, the dramas, the traumas, and the memory of innocence.  It is filled with adventure, laughter, tears, tragedies, triumphs, and life lessons.  But most of all, the series reminds us of what is most important in life, and how “doing what’s right,” and making the correct choices, even if difficult and painful, can result in living the most meaningful lives.  Each book in the series builds upon the previous books, and the scenes and storylines are interrelated.  For this reason, it is recommended that the series be read in order.  For example, there will be storylines in Book 30 that refer back to the storylines in all of the previous books, going back to Book 1.  But with that said, each book is self-contained and can be enjoyed separately on its own.  Each installment includes four very long chapters.  Each chapter is self-contained, as if it were one episode of a TV series.  The four chapters all contribute to a main theme and continuation of the overall story within each book.


The Living A Meaningful Life series will deeply move you on an emotional soul level, and you will not be the same afterward.  The series will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.  Mostly, this is a highly humorous series, and the banter between the characters will have you laughing out loud.  The father and son relationship which develops is riveting, heartwarming, and inspiring.  You will come to love all of these characters, and you will become part of their family.  Your life will never be the same again, and you will be grateful for having known them.  It is not a story, but rather a lifestyle.  


Join the family and get started on this epic journey with additional installments added often, which will make this series one of the largest and most life-changing series out there. Books #1 and #2, The Bench and The Farm, introduce us to the initial key characters. These installments act as the basic foundation from which the storylines are built.  They feature the first main character as a child, and thus include some “juvenile” and “coming of age” storylines. Book 3, The Lake, is when some of the real action begins.  The main character is a more mature teenager.  Book 4, The Favor, is the first pivotal installment of the series.  The main character is a young adult, and we get a better view of what the series is really about.  We also get introduced to the eventual star of the series, Rudy, who becomes the iconic character whom everyone talks about when discussing this book series.


After Book #4, the reader, the series, and the storylines, are off and running. The reader will experience an epic journey which they could have never imagined.  The characters and storylines become more sophisticated, and the series in general just gets better and better.


Although the Living A Meaningful Life series is for adults, the series is also an amazing tool for parents and teachers who wish to provide their kids or students with stories that have a strong entertainment value, but also put forth very strong and meaningful life lessons.  The scenarios and challenges hold interest for growing teens. Living A Meaningful Life is nostalgic and evocative. There are philosophical moral life dilemmas in the heartwarming stories, and each episode is a challenge to live a worthwhile 'meaningful life.'  The characters are endearing and captivating, and the plot narratives are inspiring for all ages and creeds.

What Readers Are Saying...

"The same characters flow through all the books with references to things that have happened in past stories. It's a very interesting style of writing with the story not just continuing from book to book but building and expanding. Very enjoyable reading with a few laughs and a few tears along the way."

"I loved this book. It had an It's A Wonderful Life feel to it.

There were parts where I cried and others where I laughed.

All the characters were relatable in their experiences, feelings, and expressions.

They were REAL and heartfelt."

"I highly recommend reading this book. It will, indeed change you. My deepest hope is that our world will evolve into the kind of world depicted in this book.

I look forward to the movie I hope comes from it."


"What a heartwarming book. I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s a real eye opener and makes you think of your own life."

"What A fantastic book! I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to find such. A heart warning book . I laughed and cried but most of all was inspired to be a kind and loving human towards others . The book has many twists and turns to keep you turning the pages to see what’s next."

"Great job Brian ! It’s truly your best work - would be great to see them on TV."

"Always eager to read another book from Brian Hunter.

The words linger in my thoughts long after I read his books.

This one is no different. Very thought provoking. Looking forward to the movie."


"Brian is a wonderful writer and this book is another heartfelt enjoyable read,

I would highly recommend!."

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