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The Living A Meaningful Life series is to be developed into a TV series, and perhaps some films and videos.  News regarding this will be posted here, as well as trailers and videos.

There is an anti-bullying video proposed, based upon “The Silent Bully,” from Book 1.

Also proposed, is a TV pilot based upon “The Grumpy Old Man,” from Book 1.

A feature film is proposed for “The Lake,” based upon Book 3.

A feature film is proposed for “The Crew,” based upon Book 9.

The intention is that roughly each chapter within each book shall be developed into a TV episode.  There is currently enough content written for over 125 TV episodes.  The series is currently planned to produce enough content for at least 200 episodes, and it will likely far exceed that.

The series currently has not signed with a production company, streaming service, or cable network; and is still open to inquiries.

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