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  Brian Hunter


Brian Hunter is an American author who has written over 40 books, and is best known for his book series, Living A Meaningful Life.  He has also written numerous self-help books,

including his Best Sellers Heal Me and Rising To Greatness.

Brian had a rural upbringing, surrounded by small towns, farms, lakes, streams, and the peace of nature.  Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began a career in acting and modeling.  

Brian was in a wide range of TV and movie productions with small bit-parts.  He then began spending his time mentoring and counseling young people and adults who suffered from depression and other struggles.  Ultimately, he began his writing career.  


After writing several self-help books, Brian answered his magical calling to start writing the Living A Meaningful Life series.  The series has turned out to be one of the largest family saga series ever to be written in recent history, and continues to grow and expand.  The series has also become one of the largest audiobook sagas to ever be narrated, with all installments multi-voice-narrated by Brian, himself.  


When asked how he was able to write so many books in such a short number of years, Brian replied, “I crank up my music really loud, and then just listen to my soul and the universe.  It’s automatic at that point, and I routinely jam out 4,000 words each evening, seven days a week, when in my writing mode.  

I don’t write from outlines or notes.  I just write.”  


When asked what kind of music he listens to while writing, he responded, “My tastes are very eclectic and wide-ranging.  Within each book from my series, I mention and give thanks to the musical artists whom I may have listened to the most during the writing of that particular installment.  

But my tastes range from rap to classical, and everything in between.” 

When asked what inspires his writing, Brian replied, “Everything I write is with the intention of improving the reader’s life.  No matter which book of mine we are talking about, I want the reader to feel enriched and more empowered by the experience.  Each of my books are something that become a part of the reader going forward, rather than just something to be mused over and forgotten.”  


Brian’s plan is to further expand his book series, and develop it into a TV series.  

His intention is to use the successes from his works to fund philanthropic programs

which benefit children, schools, and communities.

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