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Living A Meaningful Life
Student Edition


Brian has created a special student edition for use in middle schools and high schools.  This student edition book includes five stories from the series. These stories were specifically chosen for their engaging content, storylines, and lessons; all of which are ripe for evoking meaningful classroom discussions.

The stories included in the student edition are:

The Grumpy Old Man, from Book 1, The Bench

The Mistake, from Book 3, The Lake

The Visitations, from Book 3, The Lake

The Silent Bully, from Book 1, The Bench

The Lunches, from Book 10, The Substitute

Teachers may pick and choose which stories to assign.  Stories 2 and 3 go together, but the other three stories can be each focused on separately in case there is only time to assign one story. The stories in the student edition have been edited to remove any curse words, although those are very sparce within the entire series anyway.  The Living A Meaningful Life series is neutral on religion and politics, while it promotes the values of integrity, compassion, independent thinking, service to one’s community, mentoring, love, and personal empowerment and success. 


The entire series, and especially the student edition, is acceptable for those of all beliefs and lifestyles. The student edition is available at a very affordable price on Amazon, in both paperback and kindle formats.  Schools may inquire directly to the author if they have any questions or concerns about trying the book within their institution.

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