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Book 1

Living A Meaningful Life

Book Series

The Living A Meaningful Life book series is the largest family saga series written in recent years. The series has over 30 installments, with more being added often.  The series is rolling out on audiobook, and is already one of the largest series ever created on Audible.  The audiobooks are multi-voice-narrated by the author Brian Hunter. 

The Living A Meaningful Life series is for adults and teens of all ages, and is neutral on religion and politics. The series spans many different genres over its vast multigenerational arc of storylines. 

Learn more about the series on the series page.


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Kindle Value Pack 1 - 4

Self-Help Books

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Heal Me is Brian’s very popular international Best Seller. Heal Me is a self-help book which gives advice on overcoming a wide range of life traumas.


Heal Me is healing and inspirational; and brings perspectives that you may have never considered to help you navigate life's challenges. 


Popular topics include grieving losses, depression, addiction, breakups, toxic people, abuse, loneliness, and so much more.

See the Heal Me page

for more information.

Rising To Greatness is another one of Brian’s self-help Best Sellers. 


Rising To Greatness is designed as a step-by-step guide to rebooting and restarting your life in practical inspiring ways, regardless of what setbacks you have faced. 


Rising To Greatness will assist in guiding you to a life of renewal, happiness, productivity, and greatness.

Learn more on the

Rising To Greatness page.

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Surviving Life is Brian’s very practical guide to dealing with many of life’s problems. 

Surviving Life is full of coping mechanisms to help you get through life.

 Surviving Life also includes a very unique chapter and discussion on suicide. 

Everyone will find something useful within this book.  

Learn more on the
Surviving Life page.

EVOLVE is a very futuristic approach to self-improvement.

EVOLVE is a journey that takes you from feeling broken in your living room, and then transports you through a process of contemplation and transformation. 


EVOLVE includes some

more advanced 

“human enhancements,” such as discussing more complex communication skills, and even developing psychic abilities. 

Learn more on the 

EVOLVE page.

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Many of Brian’s books are available on audiobook, with more in production.  Brian narrates his self-help books in a very personal and down-to-earth way, such that most listeners feel as if he is sitting right next to them. 


In regard to the audiobooks for his Living A Meaningful Life series, Brian is one of the only authors to fully narrate their own books by multi-voicing each individual character.  All of the characters you hear within the audiobooks are voiced by Brian. 


Brian’s audiobooks are available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. 

To learn more go to the Audiobook Page.

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